Bedec Multi Surface Paint (MSP) Anthracite Grey 20% Free | All Sheens

£40.97 inc VAT

  •  3lt for the Price of 2.5lt
  • Excellent Non-Yellowing properties
  • Water Based formulation
  • Virtually No Odour
  • No need for separate undercoat or primer
  • Paint everything from one tin
  • Tough, durable, quick drying, micro-porous paint system?
  • Can be used over most old paints
  • Ideal for many substrates, plastic, wood, PVCU, metal
  • Heat resistant to 80°
  • Coverage : 12 – 14 m2 Per 1lt
  • Drying : 2 Hrs – Re-coat 4 Hrs
  • Application: Brush, Roller, Spray

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Bedec Multi Surface Paint Anthracite Grey 3lt for the price of 2.5lt. Bedec Multi Surface Paint is a water based paint which requires no primer and can be used internally or externally. Bedec MSP paint is highly flexible and resistant to cracking and flaking, suitable for interior or exterior use, use on many different substrates, no primer required in many instances.

Multi Surface Paint will go over most other paint systems including varnish and weathered tar, and it can be applied to almost any surface, including:

  • Plastic
  • Wood
  • Plastic coated steel
  • Brick
  • Concrete
  • PVCU
  • Galvanised steel
  • And much more…

One paint – One system. Save money and time. Environmentally friendly.



Make sure any surface to be painted is clean, dry and free any possible contaminants such as dirt or grease. Remove any loose paint, as well as any mould and fungal growths. Smooth
glossy surfaces should be lightly abraded to provide a key. See the attached data sheet for specific advice on how to prepare various surfaces.


Bedec Multi Surface Paint can be applied by brush, roller, or spray. Stir well and check colour before use. Do not apply at temperatures below 8°C or if rain is likely before the paint has fully dried (see drying times below). On sealed surfaces apply 2-3 coats, and allow each coat to dry thoroughly. Be careful not to over spread. For further advice visit the Bedec website.

Spreading Rate

Although the texture and porosity of the surface is a variable factor, Bedec estimates the following spreading rates:

  • 750ml – approx. 10 square metres
  • 2.5L – approx. 33 square metres
  • 5L – approx. 65 square metres

Drying Time

Drying time will depend upon conditions – the manufacturer states the drying time will be 2-4 hours, recoatable after 4 hours. Fully hardened after 1 month.

Safety Information

  • Contains 1,2-benzisothiazol-3(2H)-one. May produce an allergic reaction.
  • If you need medical advice have the tin and/or label at hand.
  • Ensure good ventilation during application and drying. Wear respiratory protection if spraying the product.
  • Do not get in eyes, on skin or on clothing.
  • IF IN EYES: Rinse cautiously with water for several minutes. Remove contact lenses, if present and easy to do, and then continue rinsing.
  • IF ON SKIN: Wash with plenty of water. Do not use solvent or thinners or white spirit.
  • IF SWALLOWED: Call a POISON CENTRE or doctor if you feel unwell at all.

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