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Terms & Conditions When Using This Website

This website is operated by Paint Monster Ltd and by using this website you agree to the following terms and conditions.

The information on this website is intended as information only and should never be used as a substitute for legal or professional advice. We cannot guarantee that the information is in date nor comply with individual circumstances. If you have any doubts about information on this site then please do not hesitate to contact paint Monster and speak to a member of staff directly.

Paint Monster Ltd cannot be held responsible for injury or damage to items or persons arising from paint products being used or handled incorrectly.

Colour & colour choice, is the responsibility of the individual to check the colour is correct prior to carrying out work, paint shades are made using tinting systems and shades can differ from batch to batch (for large areas we recommend mixing 2 or more tins together to avoid colour difference). Paints are matched to commercial tolerance and may differ to the colour card. We would also make you aware of a phenomenon called Metamerism this is where different light conditions can make shades appear different ( i.e. north facing room with a small window, shade would appear darker, south facing larger windows shade would appear lighter ) this phenomenon also occurs due to other factors in a room. Stains and Wood finishes – every piece of wood / timber will display different characteristics when a stain is applied, the addition of a finish coat albeit clear or a tinted shade again will alter the apparel of the colour and wood. We strongly recommend a small test be conducted prior to undertaking a larger area, if possible if there are off cuts of the timber use these to gain a better indication of eventual colour. Should you have any questions our technical team will be very happy to discuss options. All warranties
and guarantees are limited to replacement or refund value
of product actually used when supported by proof of

Paint colours
Paint colour accuracy, colour cards, online colour, we display these colours with as much accuracy as the relevant mediums will allow. The actual paint versions of these colours may differ and therefore we cannot guarantee an exact colour match. Once paint is applied, the substrate and texture of a surface can change the appearance of the final colour as can an adjacent coloured surface. Lighting has huge effect on colours as does the size of a surface, larger surface will appear lighter than the same colour applied to a small poorly lit area. 

We cannot recommend strongly enough the purchase of a sample tin and applying it in the area before purchasing a large quantity.

Paint Monster Ltd are unable to accept any returns or offer refunds for paint which have been mixed for the customer in any capacity. This is due colours being mixed for specific customer requirements and we will be unable to sell the product again as the colour is specific to the customer whom ordered it. Please ensure you have selected the correct colour before ordering, if in any doubt please request a colour card, we are happy to supply our standard colour charts in the post if you are not sure. We do not accept any responsibility for the reproduction or accuracy of any colour cards supplied. We are unable to supply small tester pots for industrial or specialist paint products.

We are not responsible for any views we express regarding colours and any advice we give. It is the sole responsibility of the customer to select the correct colour. If you are choosing a colour from the computer screen remember the resolution on computer monitors can differ depending on the make and model, names of colours also change from manufacturer to manufacturer, we will only make colours with stated BS 4800, BS 381c, RAL, NCS colours these are standard references, we also advice purchasing enough paint to complete the job as paint shades may differ slightly from batch to batch.

Paint Monster Ltd cannot accept any responsibility for the consequences of any errors or omissions. Any reliance you place on information found on this site or linked to on other websites will be at your own risk. Paint Monster Ltd, are not liable for any losses or damages arising from your use of this site.
All items dispatched are brand new and in previously un-opened containers ( with the exception of mixed paint colours ). In transit damage can occur dents or bulged tins, they are not dispatched in such a condition and the resulting minor damages are as a consequence of third party carriers transporting and handling items in less than an ideal manner. Clearly items which unfortunately arrive leaking will be replaced after receipt of photographic evidence which is required in any claim process, dented or bulged tins with no paint loss are deemed fit for purpose, paint quantity is not lost and paint quality is not impaired these are not eligible for return or refund.
All links out of this website are checked on submission and on a regular basis and are only included to enhance the information we provide. However, their websites are not under our control and Paint Monster are therefore not responsible for the content, information, services or products provided by these companies. Should you have any issues with the content of the sites we link to then please contact us so we can review these links and act accordingly.

Product images used on the Paint Monster Ltd website are generic and do not represent the pack size, the colour or the sheen of the item. Please ensure you use the drop down box for specific sheen or pack size, colour selection should be considered carefully, if in any doubt our team are happy to discuss requirements. Images represent the product or product group with supporting imagery to assist colour choice or showcase the attributes of the particular product. Supporting You tube video’s are with the permission of the respective manufacturer, such information should be viewed as aide memoire and is not a substitute for professional guidance. Paint Monster accepts no responsibility for incorrect choice of pack, sheen, colour, or misuse of a product.

This website does not endorse or favour any specific commercial product or business. Non-government sites linked to from this website are present only because they may be useful additions to the information we provide. A link to a third-party website does not imply endorsement; use your own business judgement to decide whether the information or service on that website is suitable for your needs. If a website is not linked to, this does not mean or imply that it is unsatisfactory. The linked websites are regularly reviewed in the light of customer usage and feedback.

We make every effort to check and test this website during production. However, we would advise you to run an anti-virus program on anything you download from the Internet. We cannot accept any responsibility for any damage to your computer system or loss of data caused by using this website.

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Force Majeure

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 All warranties and guarantees are limited to replacement or refund value of product actually used when supported by proof of purchase.