Water-based paint is a staple in almost every interior and exterior painting project. This type of paint is easy to clean up, dries quickly, and doesn’t have a harsh odor like some oil-based paints. Acrylic paint contains more acrylic polymers than latex paint. Due to this, acrylic paint generally costs more it will often provide more adhesion acrylic paints are usually more durable, and resilient. Emulsion paints generally contain more latex and as such will cost less than trim paints. Water based paints are just as durable as solvent based coatings, water, solvent, cellulose, methylated spirits are merely carriers to get pigment, binder, resins from a tin to a substrate and once the paint is dried and the carrier has evaporated you are left with the same thing a protective coating that will ensure the item has increased durability and life expectancy.

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