Paint Monster is based in the North East of England, a family business offering great customer service, with value for money, we are always happy to give advice with coatings choice and application information. Paint Monster Website is a window to the many things we can supply, more locally we have a personal presence visiting and delivering to many of our customers in the North of England. 

We have a wealth of Knowledge in the coatings industry, Scott started in the coatings industry in 1987, working for a small branch of Shipley Paint (now Manor Coatings), back when a 500ml tin of gloss paint was only £1.68, Those were the days..  We are a family business, we care and prefer to treat customers the way we would expect to be treated. Charlotte and Scott run the business with a small but extremely important team of people headed by Jack who are all dedicated to the customers and the business.

Scott has a wealth of knowledge built from the ground up, always one to get his hands dirty and preferring to use the products to gain a better insight. That said there are still many things we do not fully understand so don’t be afraid to ask. A question we cannot answer will help expand our knowledge of paints and finishes, we have excellent relationships with our suppliers whom we can turn to and broaden our knowledge base. Scott has knowledge from his time working at Manor Coatings, JW Bollom, Joinery Coatings and Becker Acroma. As a Technical Sales Manager he is conversant with Wood Finishes, Spraying, Fire Protection, Decorative and Industrial paint coatings, with a few older techniques lurking in the closet, French Polishing, Sign Writing, Scumbling to name a few.

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Paint Monster has been created to provide Industry and trade professionals a window to some of the less common products that are online. Brands such as Teknos, Konig, Intercoat Coatings, Manor Coatings, Aristo Spray, Treatex and Fiddes, Zeroflame are all leading brands supplying high quality products for industry. We supply Adhesives, Sealants, Abrasives, Brushes, Rollers and so much more..

Scott with many years out on the road learnt much more about coatings and finishes selling to furniture and kitchen manufacturers, shop fitters, exhibition contractors, fire protection specification, metal fabrication companies. He learnt many new skills both from J W Bollom who taught the basics of spraying he was even being sent for a few days training on wood turning so he could demonstrate the virtues of Briwax products at trade shows. Scott was also the go to person with The Bollom Group to give training on Briwax professional in it’s day the rival for Konig repair systems.

In 2009 we decided to have a go on our own, originally setting up a contract spray company where we put the many conversations on how to apply coatings into practice. Believe me I learnt an awful lot more in a matter of weeks than I had in 15 years on the road. We worked with a number of joinery companies locally, mainly spray finishing exterior joinery with our preferred brand Teknos, but we also did plenty of work for spraying, kitchens, restaurant furniture, shop fitting items and much more.

We have long associations with many of the brands we supply in particular Teknos, Konig, Fiddes associations going back over 20 years. We were probably the first to sell Teknos, as well as being an approved applicator and the many years association as Tech sales and applicators give us a wealth of knowledge on the brand.

The sales of coatings started with the help, as his Father-in-Law who owns a large independent decorators merchant in the North East. They built a website and are still here today selling a huge range of trade decorating brands and tools.

Paint Monster is the latest incarnation, we wish to specialise in the joinery wood finishing markets. Our original site still exists, but we wanted a separate business name so we can serve this more specialist market place without causing confusion with the 2 brands.

Please give us a call, if your local we can perhaps pop in to discuss your needs. We can offer some training and lots of advice of many of the products we supply, we can offer crash course in spray finishing, teach the fundamentals of the Konig product range we are here to help…

Paint Monster is an online sales platform with a warehouse but it is not open to the public. 

Main Office: 0191 349 9990  Or Email: