Anker Stuy has a long history in high quality manufacturing going back to 1898 with the establishment of the Anker printing ink and paint factory in Northern Holland. Stuy Coatings was subsequently founded in 1952 and in 1972 the two companies merged to form Anker Stuy.

Anker Stuy develop unique coatings for their customers based on their needs and this is just one of the reasons they are a market leader for  joinery coatings in the Netherlands. Their professional team is quick to respond and our aim is to extend the highest level of service and product functionality from the factory to site-applied brush products.

The UK company work very closely with the parent company in the Netherlands who provide excellent support to give a tailored solution to UK customers. Practical solutions, education and training are at the heart of their philosophy and they work to improve the results that customers achieve in their factories.

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